Life Strategy Resources

Here are few wonderful resources I would like to recommend from some of my favorite articles and scientists in the field of mind body medicine. They are informative and I hope you find them helpful in your journey.


  • In this short video, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D and Dr. Wayne Dyer, Ph.D discuss the direct correlation between cutting edge science, and mind body medicine. They reveal how our thoughts, feelings, and emotions impact our health in ways we never imagined.
  • Psychologist Dr. Wayne Dyer Ph.D shares his thoughts on the “Seven Secrets of a Joyful Life,” from this excerpt in Family Circle Magazine. He distinguishes the difference between motivation, inspiration, and intention and how to recognize them.
  • In this article published by Women over 40 Health “When Your Emotions Become Like Ticking Bombs,” although dis-ease is a physical manifestation, the root causes of most illnesses are not physical. The root cause of almost every dis-ease lies deep within every person that is ill. In essence, we create our experiences, be it on a subconscious or unconscious level. So how is that possible?
  • Dr Eldon Taylor Ph.D  offers  a number of free patented downloadable subliminal  programs to add to your ‘toolbox’.


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