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Taped Talk Show:

“Who is Really Creating Your Reality?”

Dr Linda McCarthy 09-24-13

  • Kathy M – Dover DE: “It makes sense that TV could put us in a hypnotic state. I see that all the time with my kids and even myself, WOW!”
  • Shiana K  – Seattle WA:  “I am going to mute the commercials like you suggested. We are listening even thought we don’t realize it, and of course our subconscious is taking in this information. Thank you for a good show.”
  • Greg B – Baltimore MD: “This show has given me a different view on what I am hearing even though I might not be consciously ‘hearing it’ – Thanks”

Taped Talk Show:

“Do you Sabotage Your Own Life?”

Dr Linda McCarthy 09-10-13

  • Janine Earhman – Cleveland: “I took the quiz you gave, and I realized
    that I was sabotaging myself but didn’t know it. I am calling you to set up an appointment this week.”
  • S. Trent  Atlanta – GA “I think I have been sabotaging my life for a long time but didn’t realize it until now.”
  • Mike Anderson – Houston “Who knew? I want to step back and take a look at how I have been standing in the way of my own success”

 Taped Talk Show:

“Why Friends and Family Sabotage You”

Dr Linda McCarthy 09-03-13

  • Dilian K – Tampa: Just what I needed to hear. I have several people who act like they are concerned about me, but really just want to keep me stuck.!”
  • Lisa N – Washington D.C.: “I have felt like that for a long time with my parents. They are holding me back from moving on with my life. I didn’t realize it was sabotage until now. Thanks for opening my eyes!”
  • Ann G. – Jacksonville FL: Thanks for the tip and suggestions. I am going to try them tonight. Making my list today!!

 Taped Talk Show:

“The Side Effects of Being Happy”

Dr Linda McCarthy 07-30-13

  • Stephanie Sites: “I didn’t realize that just by smiling I could change the hormones in my body. I never thought about it until I noticed that the people I work with rarely smile. They are always stressed. I’m going to make an effort to smile more. Thanks!”
  • Rob Anderson: “Who knew there were side effects to being happy that really changed your body. I’m going to give you a call because I need a dose right now. Talk to you soon.”

Taped Talk Show:

“Is Stress Killing You?”

Dr Linda McCarthy 07-16-13

  • Susan Campbell, Austin TX:No doctor has ever told me about C Reactive Protein. I am going to have it checked since I am under a lot of stress.”
  • Jennifer Flinch, Ann Arbor MI: “That story about the doctors was a wake up call because I thought exercising made me exempt from heart problems. I am going to
    get it checked ASAP.”
  • Claire Connors:I had no idea about C Reactive Protein. I need to stop sweating the small stuff!  Thanks for the information.”

Taped Talk Show:

“What are the side effects of being YOU?”

Dr Linda McCarthy 06-17-13

  • Jennie Finch: “Boy do I have a lot of side effects. I feel like I have more control now.”
  • Kathleen Miller: “I never thought about being the chemist of my own body. I write my own prescription, what a concept.”
  • Julia Pippy: “Great information, things I never  heard anyone else talk about.”

Taped Talk Show:

“There’s No Reality, There’s Only Perception 2”

Dr Linda McCarthy 5-20-13

  • Tammy Holmes:   “I didn’t realize that I was hurting myself until I heard you show. I know its going to sting, but time to start living a more real life.”
  • Denise Wilson:  “I need to stop blaming others for my insecurities. Time to step up to the plate. Thank you Dr. McCarthy, for opening my eyes.”
  • Katie  Webber:   “I look forward to your shows and this one didn’t disappoint. Great information.”

Taped Talk Show:

“There’s No Reality, There’s Only Perception”

Dr Linda McCarthy 05-07-13

  • Marie McDonald:  “I didn’t know I was even wearing a mask until I heard your show. Thank you for opening my eyes!”
  • Anna Marie Adler: “I needed this show. I have been struggling with this issue for a long time.”

Taped Talk Show:

“You Teach People How to Treat You”

Dr Linda McCarthy 04-22-13

  • Diane D. of Silver Springs MD (clients): “I didn’t realize what I have been doing. Now I know better, and will be renegotiating my relationships.”
  • Brad P. of Phoenix: “I really connected with what you said; unfortunately, I have been teaching people how to take advantage of me for years :/ Oh well, that’s soon to change now. Thank you.”

Taped Talk Show:

“Your Cells Are Listening”

Dr Linda McCarthy 04-04-13

  • Amy Trip, Producer: “Great Information”
  • Ann Harrington: “This Was Eye Opening Stuff. I had No Idea.”
  • Susan Patterson: “Awesome Show.”